By: Austin Savage

There are limitations to abound in existence. That is just a fact, but there are those who only come to find what those limits are after having pushed through all other barriers. They know what these limits are only because they have truly and undoubtedly reached them. These should have existed in all forms. In the field of fitness, Margaux Alvarez stands as a testament to the force of will.

DSC_3967-1024x678The CrossFit competitor has become a bit of an icon on the El Paso scene and her mind has proven to be just as honed as her body, “A friend told me about [CrossFit] and I tried a class and was hooked. I loved the community, the challenge of learning something new and pushing yourself to a different level. My ultimate goal in competing is to win the CrossFit Games. CrossFit is growing and I love connecting with those who have found it. It’s expanding in El Paso and I am blessed to be a part of Get Lifted. They have been around since 2008 and have grown a big family since then.”

The dedication that Alvarez has to show to maximize her potential are undoubtedly impressive, “I spend about 6-8 hours [a day] in the gym training, which includes weightlifting, powerlifting, metabolic conditioning, aerobic work, gymnastics, a lot of warming up and mobilization. A lot of time is also spent outside of the gym, preparing food, studying as well as ensuring I am getting enough sleep and working on the psychology of the sport. Chasing this dream takes a very big commitment, one my coach and I make at the start of every year, and once we commit, the schedule stays rigorous throughout the year with little changes, as I hope to enter that arena as prepared as I possibly can.”

Despite the intensity of her lifestyle and the notoriety her dedication has earned her, Alvarez is still open to all those in the community who seek to improve themselves, “I have always wanted to help people around me and give back to those in the community and as this platform grows so does my ability to do that. I hope to inspire as many people as I can and because of CrossFit, I have been given chances to work with so many people around the world.” Alvarez confesses this urge to help has an especially close connection to her hometown community, “I have had some unique opportunities to work with kids in El Paso, Priscilla’s Pledge Camp was one of those opportunities, where I was able to share my life and hopefully motivate the young group of kids into believing that anything is possible. To be able to motivate kids to work out, have fun and live a healthier lifestyle is huge and it inspires me in my training.”

Of course, many of the children she inspires are little girls who will surely find her a role model. In a contemporary era where body issues have become a commonplace concern for young girls Alvarez is as relentless in her ideas as she is in the gym, “I don’t differentiate between female and male fitness. The disease process we fight on a daily basis in CrossFit does not care about gender equality or gender differentiation. The CrossFit methodology would not exist if it was not attainable by anyone who walks in through our doors. Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity do not have any age, handicap restrictions and/or sex limitations.” Her passion for the craft is tangible in her finding a value in it for all, “What makes CrossFit so beautiful is that everyone is equal, therefore we as women are encouraged not to look for unique challenges, but instead embrace any weaknesses we may have and improve in those areas.”

Of course there is one limit that has never been conquered and that is time. When discussing the inevitable aging that will eventually embrace her body, Alvarez, as always, is ahead of the curve, “I plan on competing in CrossFit for a couple more years and when it is time to retire I will be happy to move on to a different chapter. I know teaching CrossFit will be a part of my life forever so I hope to climb the ranks at CF Headquarters. I have also considered, as this sport grows, maybe diving into some broadcasting as well other possibilities in media. There are endless opportunities that present themselves along the way, and I have even considered going back to golf and pursuing a career in the LPGA. This decision will have more clarity when it is time, so for now I will continue to focus on winning the CrossFit Games.”

DSC_3975-300x246For an athlete who spent so much of her time preparing and performing in isolation, the outside impact she hopes to leave is obviously one that holds a great deal of meaning for the Sun City CrossFit icon, “My overall goal in life is to help as many people as I can and give back to the community. I would hope it was a positive interaction, one where I was approachable and respectful. I would want our time to mean something, whether it was a 10 second picture or a day in a seminar.” Her support and respect of those around her goes well beyond athletics, of course, “I just want everyone to know we are all similar, and are all pursuing our own goals and passions. This sport would not be as big as it is, if it wasn’t for our affiliates and all the members, who on a daily basis, tackle their weaknesses and yearn to be a better version of themselves. If I was remembered as someone who helped inspired them, I would be grateful beyond words.”

To be grateful beyond words is a more than appropriate goal for a woman, who, inspired by her parents’ work ethic, has pushed to be impressive beyond description.