By Pablo Delgadillo
Get your mind out of the gutter because this is not about what you’re thinking of! This article is about giant light fixtures for your home. A lot of people ignore the ceiling when it comes to decoration, settling for a boring ceiling fan or a very uninteresting lamp. Finding the right fixture is a matter of taste, style and how much you want to spend. One of the hottest trends this summer is large-scale lighting. You may be able to get away with a larger fixture than you’d expect!
Take a look around; what does the room look like? What type of furniture is being used in the space? What color is the room? These are important questions to ask when trying to find the perfect light fixture for your room. We do not encourage incorporating a larger-than-life light fixture in a room if the room is small or if it has a lot of natural light already, as this will only make the room feel smaller. If your ceilings are not as high, we also recommend getting a flush mount fixture that’s closer to the ceiling and doesn’t hang so low – it will make the space feel less crowded and overwhelming.
Once you have picked the perfect location for your brand new light fixture, it is time to think about the style of the fixture. If vintage with a flair of elegance is what you’re looking for, a chandelier is what you probably want to go for. You can find chandeliers in many styles and colors, including those with different colored crystals to make your ceiling glisten in a colorful shimmer.
If you have a more modern taste, chrome, white and metal fixtures are the way to go. They give a crisp industrial touch to any space. Shiny metals can be used for a more elegant touch, and for a more rusticlook there are unpolished, matte finishes that combine well with Edison bulbs. Finding a bold focal point for your room is like finding a beautiful piece of art; it will inspire you to design your entire room around it.the-city-magazine
If heavy metals are not your cup of tea, you can go for a more natural look with glass or even nature-inspired designs. Wooden slabs and blown glass are some of the materials being incorporated into big light fixtures these days and can make quite an impact.
If you really want something original, try grouping a bunch of lamps together to make a statement piece. This can work great in open floor plan designs to create a warm and bright atmosphere. The important thing is to find that special piece that will compliment your personality and give your ceiling the focus it deserves.the-city-magazine