By: Jamie Trubowitsch

Are the back-to-school commercials making you nostalgic for that magical trip you used to take at the start of every new grade to buy school supplies? Whether you’re still in school or long since graduated, you can still get those feelings of optimism and excitement with an update to your desk. This can be something as small as buying new stationary or luxuriously scented candle, or as cheap as simply taking the time to clean and organize your space. If you want to take the desktop decor up a notch, invest in coordinated desk accessories that will look professional and chic, as well as inspire your inner boss. Don’t forget about space around your desk— decorate your walls, while staying organized, with a calendar and a corkboard. Bring in a decorative cabinet, or just spruce up empty shelves, with eye-catching additions. We took a trip to Paradigm Texas for some desk (and lifestyle) inspiration—our own redecorating is now soon to come.