By: Krysta Ayers

There is literally an app for everything. Though the stress of a wedding can quickly become overwhelming, GooglePlay and the Apple store have several apps that can help your wedding planning go just a little bit smoother. So, don’t fret – download these apps and let your fingers get to tapping.

Braidsmaid Planner


Can’t get all of your bridesmaids in one room? Try not to stress too much about it. This app makes it possible to swap bridesmaid dress ideas and screenshots, to-do lists and deadlines. Group chatting on this app will allow your conversations and life to go smoother and concentrate on fittings, parties, and any other details leading up to your big day.



This is a great app for any bride too busy to do research on Google all day. Find anything you might need for your big day all in one app. This ranges from party planners, caterers, DJs, babysitters, event help and decorating, and bartending. Not only does TaskRabbit provide you with great options on seeking help, but you can also read reviews and look at feedback before you decide to hire anyone for help!

Fitocracy Free An easy way to keep track, trim down, and get ready for your big day. This app will provide you with the workouts, you just have to follow them and see the results come in. Also providing a personal coach, you will get the motivation and support without ever having to go to the gym. You’ll soon be walking down the aisle looking as glorious as you are inside.

The Knot Wedding Planner


Your own personal wedding planner, this app is good for wedding inspiration, to-do lists, grinding out the details and even finding wedding vendors. This is a great source (aside from us, of course) to find more ideas and organize your wedding.

Wedding Party


Don’t make one of your siblings responsible for picking up the disposable cameras after your wedding party. This app allows you to collect and share photos from everyone that was there directly through the app. “Because your wedding deserves more than just a hashtag.” Have guests download the app, create photobooth strips or cute collages and you can readily have them in your hand before you set off to your honeymoon!

Mr&Mrs Wedding Planner


This app is a way to visualize your wedding before it happens. Think of it as a mood board that goes above and beyond. You can gather color palette ideas, create guest lists and do table seating, manage your budget and create an “invite only” message board so that you can share your wedding plans and ideas with your bridal party or fiancé.