By: Lizzie Martinez Need to lose five lbs. stat before the big day? Thinking about doing a crazy crash diet? Don’t do it! It’s not safe and it may cause you to turn into a true Bridezilla! Here are ten tips to lose five lbs. or more in a quick and safe way! 1: Drink a ton of water: Water, especially very cold water, speeds up your metabolism. Sometimes we think water will make you retain water, but you need water to ELIMINATE water retention. So drink at least eight bottles of water a day, even up to 10 to speed up your metabolism and also clear your skin. 2: Start taking a fat burner: Of course, ask your doctor if your health is okay to take this supplement, but these can help significantly and bring up your energy levels! I suggest using a supplement called L-Carnitine which is an amino acid the body naturally produces to metabolize fat. 3: Drink a cup of hot lemon water every morning and eat three prunes at night: This helps aid in the digestion process and helps flush unwanted materials and toxins from the body. 4: Avoid red meat and stick to lean white meat proteins: Chicken, fish and turkey are all lean meats that will help you lose weight. Try to have it grilled or steamed for best results. 5: Avoid white carbs and stick to brown carbs: White carbs such as white bread, flour tortillas, white rice, white potatoes, are all high in gluten which will stick to your lower stomach. Stick to brown carbs like wheat bread, wheat tortillas, brown rice and oatmeal to sustain good healthy energy and try not to have carbs after 4 p.m. 6: Try doing fasted cardio: This means doing a cardio routine on an empty stomach when your sugar levels are low, so the body is forced to use body fat as energy during the cardio session. 7: Implement weight training: Ladies! Don’t be scared of the weights! When done right and eating is on point, your arms will look lean and toned to show off in that strapless gown! 8: Cut the salt, and up the spice: High salt diets lead to water retention. Eliminating salt will help eliminate the bloat. To keep that flavor in your foods, add spices such as cayenne pepper, bell peppers or jalapenos contain capsaicin that will help increase your metabolism. 9: Greens get you lean: Add some green vegetables to every meal. Green veggies like kale, arugula, mustard greens and asparagus are great anti-inflammatories, which can help combat bloating and aid in digestion. 10: Choose healthy options for pre-wedding events: There will be a lot of food at the events prior to your wedding. When doing tasting, keep portions small. When planning showers, outings and parties, try to choose healthy venues so you (and your bridesmaids!) don’t pack on the pounds before the big day!