By: Krysta Ayers

The thing about weddings is that you can always strive to go bigger. It’s an event that happens once in your life, like a Quinceñera or a Sweet Sixteen, so having an extravagant wedding is the norm these days. From food displays to photo booths to chandeliers and destinations, weddings have become more and more elaborate. This applies to the more personal details in a wedding as well, like the wedding dress.

You may have heard about having a second wedding dress, especially if you’ve seen the show, “Bridezilla.” You have your ceremony dress and then, in a fashion-forward diva move (it is your day, after all), you change into a more breathable dress for the reception. Now you can thank celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian for upping the ante and introducing the third dress. Yes, a third dress, another thing to include in your wedding budget when starting the planning process for the biggest day of your life. There’s the over-the-top gown you wear to the ceremony, the elegant piece you present during the reception and then the fun, more moveable dress you can dance in during the after party. With so many costume changes, you’ll feel like a celebrity at your own wedding – as you should.

The third dress is perfect for any bride-to-be. For those of us that are indecisive, this is an opportunity to say yes to all of the dresses. You can wear a traditional design and also end your night in something trendier, like the chic pantsuit that is all over bridal runway shows right now. Chrissy Teigen opted for a floor-length red dress to strut her stuff in with her gorgeous husband, John Legend. Kim Kardashian chose to come out in a sleek white mermaid dress as her third dress at her wedding with Kanye West. Basically, anything goes. Go short for maximum leg movement, or keep it glamorous with a floor-length number.

This obviously isn’t feasible for everybody – or maybe for those that want designer dresses for all three designs. Depending on personal style and preference, the different dresses you appear in could range from a Cinderella gown to something simpler or bohemian for your third dress. Like any trend in fashion, you can manipulate it to fit your own personal style.

If you still want to be able to change your look throughout the night but panic a little at the thought of a wardrobe change (or the money), fret not because there’s other ways to switch up your look throughout the night that won’t break the bank. Try a wrap around skirt that you can remove to reveal pants, or a shorter skirt, add a top hat, add or remove gloves or change your heels. Adding your own personality into each detail, you’re sure to be unique, look great, and get compliments on the style changes.

With wedding concepts and trends constantly changing over the years, you can implement this current dress trend and potentially hand down one or all three of your dresses to your future daughter(s). Your wedding photos will be interesting to look at and share when you see the different styles and wardrobe changes you went through on your big day. Imagine standing at the altar in a classic wedding dress, the one you’ve pinned onto your Pinterest board when you and your fiancé first started dating, cutting the cake in a strapless mermaid cut and then taking celebratory shots and dancing in a feathery mini dress – and it doesn’t even have to be white if you follow the likes of Chrissy Teigen. Why wear only one when you can wear three dresses? Seems excessive at first, but how fun does a long night of playing dress-up sound? It’s your wedding and you can have three dresses if you want to.