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The City Magazine is El Paso’s premier city lifestyle magazine that promises edgy reads with trendy photography!

The City Magazine is El Paso’s own monthly lifestyle magazine.

Today, El Paso has grown to be the fourth largest city in Texas with a population of over 700,000. To meet the needs of this growth in December of 2011 the magazine was first released and has since then been showcasing the art, talent and unparalleled creativity of the people of this great area. Editor-in-chief Shelley Mozelle and the staff at The City have worked hard to give El Paso a magazine worthy of the quality of the people that inhabit it.

The City Magazine is the choice magazine of the El Paso area. Each issue showcases the melting pot of people, places and lifestyles that make this city so unique. Fully loaded with edgy reads and trendy photography, The City is the go-to magazine of El Paso’s affluent, mature and hip readers. Released 11 times a year, The City highlights local business as well as high profile people and events so you can find all you need to know about the who and where in every issue. With stories about current events, fashion, culture, home, dining, entertainment, business and more, The City Magazine truly has it all.

The City Magazine is sold in every Walgreens in El Paso. Pick up your copy today and get in the know about what is going on in The City.

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