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  • El Paso Doctors Who Make a Difference

    By Meagan Kinley on April 14, 2014
    By: Meagan Kinley This month our focus is doctors. We put the word out and El Paso nominated the few and the proud that they thought exemplified the best and brightest physicians in our amazing city. Well the results are in! Here is the list (in alphabetical order) of the doctors who are making a difference in the city we […]
  • From Their Hearts to Yours

    By Erika Lopez on April 14, 2014
    Real heroes don’t wear disguises, they don’t possess super powers; but they do act out of selflessness. Real heroes give the gift of life and they strongly believe that giving is better than receiving. Real heroes aren’t those seen on the big screen, they are found at University Medical Center’s Wall of Heroes and through every Donate Life flag raised. Real heroes are organ donors.
  • The Science of Sleep

    By Austin Savage on April 14, 2014
    Why Dr. Gonzalo Diaz believes better living comes with better sleep
  • Heart in His Hands

    By Austin Savage on April 14, 2014
    There are those in life who indeed find their place in the sun and have the drive and ability to stand out among its brightness. Dr. Juan Taveras is one such of these people. Described as a "rock star" in his field, the outside appearance can all too often mask the grind that leads to greatness.
  • Dr. Keith Johnson, Native El Pasoan and Orthopedic Surgeon

    By Michael Graham on April 9, 2014
    Robert Corral – THE CITY MAGAZINE By: Michael C. Graham I had the pleasure of sitting down and visiting with Keith Johnson recently to discuss his practice, his career, and life here in El Paso. Dr. Johnson and I have been acquaintances for a few years, along with his lovely wife Tiffany, but as is too often the case, life […]
  • The Look: March 2014

    By Josh Sanchez on March 27, 2014
    Changing Seasons; A Changing Season
  • Permaculture is Untapping El Paso’s Potential

    By Valentin Sandoval on March 27, 2014
    Courtesy – EL PASO PERMACULTURE GROUP By: Valentin Sandoval Often times I wonder what it means to genuinely have vision. The inherent genius in us all shines as bright as we’ve allowed ourselves to understand and express it. Vision is looking at the common, the mundane, the pedestrian, and understanding an inherent value and potential that makes the common, utterly […]
  • Molding Metal and Steel

    By Marko Morales on March 27, 2014
     Son of El Chuco Makes Good Internationally Courtesy – MADERO/CO. By: Marko A. Morales It may be difficult to understand why some people would choose to put so much distance between themselves and what they are meant to do. There are those who lack confidence, believing they could never do anything that this world would ever be proud of. There […]
  • Easy, Healthy Chips & Crisps

    By Meagan Kinley on March 18, 2014
    Simple and Nutritious Ways to Liven Up This Classic American Food
  • How the Make-A-Wish Foundation is Changing Lives

    By Meagan Kinley on March 18, 2014
    Courtesy – Brittany Vargas By: Meagan Kinley The Make-A-Wish Foundation was created in 1982 to honor and inspire children between the ages of 2 ½ and 18 with complex medical conditions, giving a child and his or her family an experience beyond their wildest dreams, while also fully covering any and all financial costs. For the last twenty years the […]