Photography by Sergio Olivas

What inspired you to pursue a career in business, and how has your journey unfolded since then?

I always dreamed of having my own business, pave a new path for myself and become self independent, something that I always try to inspire my daughter and son to be and what better way than to lead by example. I was a stay at home mom for 10 years and my initial journey in business began in real estate, which I continue to do alongside my passion for skincare and helping my clients maintain their glow!

Can you share a pivotal moment or experience in your career that significantly influenced your leadership style or approach to business?

As a regular client myself of beauty salons I love to walk out feeling confident and completely satisfied with my service, this experience influenced my approach with my clients. I want to have a personal connection with them and educate them on how to maintain their skin regularly not only once a month. I want them to feel great and confident but most importantly love their skin!

How do you foster innovation and creativity within your business?

Innovation is crucial; you can’t be afraid to reinvent yourself over and over. Constantly evolving, creating value and connecting with clients to give them the best experience every time is what keeps me motivated to challenge myself everyday to stay updated and explore new technology to expand my business, knowledge and create lasting client relationships.

Why is being a leader and a woman in business important to you?

Being a woman in business has always been a priority for me, I want to own my time and challenge myself while doing what I love. I want to be an inspiration for my kids and positively influence other women to pursue new heights with a strong vision and sense of purpose. It’s never too late to find your passion. Lead with intent and make it happen!

How do you prioritize personal and professional development for you and your team members?

As a business owner you have to be your best employee and with that time management for me is the key to success. Between family, being a realtor and now owning my own esthetics business I need to be strictly structured and value my time so I work by appointment mainly. I like to make time for myself in the mornings to workout, meditate and visualize how I want my day to manifest, always making sure I make time for everything.

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