We’re bringing nature back. An activity previously trumped by the rising power of the electronic screen, the millennial generation is fighting back full force and trading their Apple iPhones for apple orchards and their stock photo desktops of flower fields for the real thing. From young children to adults I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of choosing the television screen over the sunscreen and sunshine, but one of the latest trends that has found popularity among the millennial groups is Floratourism.

This new trend is the millennial generations nod at stepping away from the electronics and stepping into nature. The whole basis of the idea is to combat nature deficit disorder (the alienation from the outdoors) and get outside! With hundreds of national parks, camping grounds and botanical gardens throughout the U.S. there are so many locations to choose from. But don’t let your desire to connect with nature stop there, many millennials have also taken to Airbnb to further their experience, spending their nights in luxury treehouses or even renting out tents individually or in camps.

Whether you prefer a quiet stroll through a fragrant botanical garden, or an energetic hike through the Grand Canyon, this trend has something for everyone. So turn off that nature documentary, lace up those shoes and witness that beautiful scenery for yourself!


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