Photography by Sergio Olivas

What inspired you to pursue a career in business and how has your journey unfolded since then?

My career and journey were not about business but about making a difference. Limited authority in my early career ignited the desire for autonomy although the aspiration of carrying the full responsibility of owning my own business or clinic was never my intention. I realized it was necessary to implement a holistic and preventative care approach to my patients. This journey has been marked by its fair share of challenges and growing pains. Still, it has been fruitful in numerous projects like creating a skincare and supplement line and collaborating with different corporations most recently with El Paso Independent School District.

Can you share a pivotal moment or experience in your career that significantly influenced your leadership style or approach to business?

The passing of my father was a profound moment for me. Experiencing confusion, a lack of compassion, and a lack of knowledge of the terminology spurred my desire to embody the opposite qualities. Humility and nurturing care for those around me—whether it may be my team, patients, or anyone I encounter in and out of this business—are foundational principles guiding my leadership and business practices.

How do you foster innovation and creativity within your business?

At Premier, innovation and creativity are fundamental. I firmly believe in the value of continuous learning and evolution, recognizing that repeating one year of experience twenty times lacks the depth of growth we seek. Rather than emphasizing hierarchy, I foster independence and leadership in each team member according to their strengths. We encourage input on improving our workflow and patient care while remaining responsive to changes in medicine.

Why is being a leader and a woman in business important to you?

For me, being a leader and a woman holds great significance. I aim to inspire others to pursue their dreams, knowing I once stood in their shoes—I’ve been a waitress, worked in sales, and faced various challenges. Leadership, to me, isn’t about giving orders but about leading by example, fostering growth together, and serving as an inspiration, particularly to other women, showing them that they too can achieve their aspirations.

How do you prioritize personal and professional development for you and your team members?

Communication in my experience is how I have come to prioritize both personal and professional development for my team and myself. Striking a balance between our personal lives and professional duties is crucial for optimal performance. I place a great emphasis on having a healthy relationship among the whole team which we achieve through open dialogue and activities beyond our work responsibilities. This approach has ensured a harmonious environment where everyone can thrive personally and professionally.

Karina Mendoza
Premier Primary Care Clinic

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