A great hairdresser doesn’t merely attach some readymade style to their customer. Instead, the stylist uses hair as a platform to communicate, present and complement the client’s own personality and defining characteristics. That means the two need to talk and get sufficiently acquainted before the scissors get picked up. The customer’s facial structure, hair type, needs, and the season are all taken into account as the stylist tailors a unique vision. The transitioning process can take from one to several sessions to get the acquired effect without the damage. That may sound extreme, but a lot of work goes into a person’s image.


Emilio Ortiz Jr., owner of Innovations by Emilio – Salon Totale and D’Emilio Cosmetics, has been perfecting that process for over 36 years. His customers return because they trust, whether it be through hair, makeup, or spa services, that the veteran stylist will transform them into their best possible selves. He explained his long journey in the beauty world, saying: “I’m blessed to have found something that I’m really good at and to have customers who see that and trust me. I’ve been in the industry for a long time now, but I never get tired of it. I’m still striving to get better and better.”




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Photographed by: LUIS MARIANO