For most of their lives, Danielle Lopez and Kristin Brown have been the “bigger girls”. Growing up together in El Paso, the girls sought out each other for support for mostly everything, especially in regard to self-confidence and body issues. Inspired by their personal experiences, Danielle and Kristin collectively launched their Instagram account, @thiccthoughts, as a way to relate to other women and build a support system. “We just felt like if we had this support growing up, we wouldn’t have waited so long to feel this good about ourselves and our own bodies … knowing it is perfectly ok to look different than what society expects of us and our figures.” The duo decided to take Thicc Thoughts a step further by hosting a series of events centered around self-love and confidence. Although unsure of what to expect, Danielle and Kristin were greeted by a great turnout of women of all shapes and sizes. “Seeing a room full of people who were vulnerable about their insecurities relate to others with similar thoughts was life changing for not only them, but us too! It’s indescribable.” With speaking engagements and future events already lined up, Thicc Thoughts plans on expanding their reach in El Paso and Austin; inclusive to all genders and sexualities, as an effort to build confidence together. 



Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK