Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK

As associates who are well versed on both sides of the legal system, Brock Benjamin and Leonel Nunez understand criminal charges have a long-lasting effect on your life, whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony. Although Brock opened Benjamin Law Firm about 10 years ago, Leonel joined the firm in the last year from the District Attorney’s office. They operate a hands-on practice and offer personalized representation and open communication with their clients. “It’s important to communicate with the client to help them understand what they’re going through so they don’t worry about things they can’t change or don’t apply to them,” Brock states.
Beyond offering their defense services in state and federal criminal cases they handle appellate cases and civil litigation. Their motivation is to help people. “The inspiration for being an attorney comes from helping people who essentially deserve their fair trial and defense,” Leonel says. Besides the work he does in El Paso, Brock does a lot of work in New Mexico and works on cases all over Texas. He shares his expertise and participates in speaking engagements as well. Together, their open communication and competitive edge allow them to serve the community and their best interests.

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