Christian Moeres comes from a long line of master woodworkers. His grandfather, great-grandfather and so on, all practiced the trade for centuries in Cologne, Germany. His career in the military would eventually lead him to Fort Bliss, where he, ironically enough, found himself drawn to woodworking—albeit in a very different fashion than his relatives. Inspired equally by El Paso’s sunny environment and the latest trends and fashion highlights, Christian decided to start a sunglasses company. 

The first pair of shades were completed in 2016, and they haven’t stopped since. Black Alfred, designed in El Paso, now features a litany of styles for every type of customer. 

You can find them online and at any of El Paso’s farmers markets, where Christian sets up every weekend. Although his military service ends later this year, Christian was quick to affirm his commitment to our city: “This is home now. Really, I love everything about it here. The people are so lovely, and the climate is great too. I plan on staying here a long time.” 



El Paso, Texas

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By: Henry Craver 
Photographed by: John Horta