El Paso native, Dr. Antonio Solis is dedicated to providing the best patient-centered care in dentistry, whether cosmetic or orthodontic. Instilling each of his patients with confidence through preventive care and education is what Dr. Solis and his talented team set out to accomplish with each visit. They understand that building lasting relationships through quality work and open lines of communication is the key to success for both patient and practice. The patient’s options are thoroughly explained before a treatment plan is created and agreed upon, keeping all clinical and personal concerns in mind.

Healthy oral care habits and a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime is what Dr. Solis and his staff of professionals want for each of their patients. By staying up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry, Dr. Solis is able to provide his patients with top-notch oral care in a family-oriented setting. For this dentist, it is about more than simply fixing teeth. It is about making connections and building trust with every patient. Dr. Solis is committed to uplifting fellow members of his community one smile at a time. Contact Dr. Antonio Solis for information and a complete list of services provided.


Dr. Antonio Solis
7211 N. Mesa, Ste. 2S
El Paso, Texas 79902
(9150 581-3349


By: Marko Morales photographed by: John Horta