By: Leslie Sariñana

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Makeup is a new art form, and beauty influencers and gurus are the new mega stars of today. These stars are born by teaching people how to do makeup on social media platforms, to then gain a following. Social media has become the largest marketing platform today, especially for makeup. These influencers often get endorsement deals, test out products and create tutorials for people to follow along with. Many have been able to make a great living out of their social media. There are even a few recognizable beauty influencers based in El Paso, but one in particular stands out from the rest.

The City Magazine ElptxAshley Rosales has the most unique lips online. Her Instagram has massed a following of 732,000, and each of her Insta videos gets at least 100,000 views. Her lips have become her trademark. Originally from Cincinnati but based in El Paso, Ashley has been approached to promote Kyle Jenner lip kits and Smolder Cosmetics. That doesn’t mean she’ll let just anyone sponsor her. “I only do sponsored content if I really love the product I’m being paid to review. If I don’t 100% believe in the product, I will absolutely turn down a deal—no matter the amount being paid. Being honest and true to my followers is much more important to me than a big paycheck,” Ashley said. Ashley’s Instagram page has cultivated a large following in the two short years that she’s been creating videos. She wants her videos to inspire others and says her popularity has been life changing. “It’s amazing to me that so many people share the same passion I do. I’m living my dream and it’s all because of my followers! It’s very surreal and I’m truly humbled and feel so blessed!” She credits her quick rise to becoming a top beauty influencers to the fact that she’s different and interacts with her followers. This is absolutely true, as she recently welcomed her son Milo into the world, and kept her followers updated without taking a break from creating and posting videos.

The City Magazine ElpBeing in El Paso has also been a positive in Ashley’s life and has influenced her style. “El Paso is such a beautiful city. I feel my style is much more colorful, and I’ve really embraced my Hispanic roots a lot more since living here,” Ashley said. Ashley is very passionate about being an influencer and inspiring others to follow their dreams, just like she did. “I consider myself a beauty influencer. I’m very passionate about makeup and all things beauty. I make sure to keep up with the latest trends and newest products to give my followers honest and solid reviews,” Ashley says about her title and what it means to her to have that much influence over so many people. Some of Ashley’s favorite products include: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation, The Balm Thomas Bronzer, Farsali Rose Gold Elixir, Beauty Bakerie Versailles Lip Whip and Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

The City Magazine ElptexasYou can follow Ashley on Instagram @ashleyrosales for makeup tutorials, and you can watch her life vlogs on her YouTube channel, Ashley Rosales.