August 2019 El Paso Revival and Growth- Financial Experts Profiles

Led locally by El Paso District Manager, Michael Nunez, Transworld Systems Inc (TSI) specializes in first and third-party intervention for past-due accounts receivable. Together, the team has more than 800 clients in 22 states, with the majority located in the El Paso-Las Cruces area. These clients have recovered, on average, 40% of money assigned for pennies on the dollar. The comprehensive system works diplomatically without alienating consumers, patients, or businesses. TSI serves clients from diverse industries, including banks, credit unions, healthcare, dental, law firms, accounting firms, wholesalers, municipalities, education, radio/TV, and utilities. TSI also integrates with over 50 software programs.

Michael’s team is united in their mission of helping companies stay profitable, which keeps employees employed. They know that two reasons companies go out of business are bad debt and lack of cash-flow. Business failures leave dozens, if not hundreds, of men and women unemployed, which hurts the economy. TSI mitigates such circumstances by educating slow payers to communicate with clients, so that their account never has to be sent to a traditional percentage agency. The local team of Michael Nunez, Karen Cowell, Hector Hernandez, and Carlos Caballero offers complimentary consultations for Accounts Receivable Analysis to any business needing help, and is laser focused on servicing their clients.

Transworld Systems Inc

Photographed by: JOHN HORTA