Gold Winners: Tacos-Don-Cuco


The importance of teamwork in a workplace not only promotes a positive but unified work environment. Tacos Don Cuco believes in their team and fosters their growth through their leadership development program.  “Our employees provide to our customers everything Don Cuco stands for,” says co-owner Ariel Arredondo. In some respect, they all play a part in the growth of the business, who has opened two locations just this year alone—with their 11th establishment set to open in January of 2020. In addition to their staff, Tacos Don Cuco also attributes their success to their suppliers who understand what they need in order to provide a memorable experience to all who walk through their doors.

While Tacos Don Cuco is not considered fast food, the service is fast, and the charismatic customer service does not falter. Furthermore, their unique flavor profile focuses on traditional Mexican food and stays true to their roots. With a clear understanding of the need to grow with the times, Tacos Don Cuco is working to grow their to-go orders as well, in participation with the food delivery services in the city.  As they head into the new year, they are also looking to improve their leadership development program to help their team grow personally and professionally. “We believe if they grow personally, they will grow in the business aspect of things as well,” says Ariel.


Tacos Don Cuco

8136 N. Loop

El Paso, Texas 79907

(915) 691-2826


By: Hope Alegre

Photographed by: John Horta