Gold Winners: Track One


Ken McDermott acquired the Track One restaurant 30 years ago and later his wife Lolly joined him. They could never have predicted the amass of their success or how the business would become such a staple in the city of El Paso. “It has definitely grown from where we started and we’re very grateful for the journey it has been and hope to continue,” they say. Besides the food, the intimacy and unique environment make Track One what it is. Despite the questions of an expansion, Lolly and Ken don’t want to take away from the place and what the culture has molded into. They express the gratitude for their customer base, more importantly their support and patience. “Our customers are great and along with our employees and environment, it creates this cohesiveness that is memorable,” they say.

Track One retains its own law of motion within the establishment. Lolly and Ken are proud owners, they’re even more proud of the team they have assembled, growing their team of 12 employees to 40. The continuity of a motivated team and the consistency in the quality of food increases a positive culture and customer experience. Any changes along the way just join the orbit. “It’s a team effort to keep it going … why change what isn’t broken.”


Track One

1330 Robert Lee

El Paso, Texas 79925

(915) 779-2170


By: Hope Alegre

Photographed by: John Horta