Healthcare Professionals: Medical Services of the border


As an El Pasoan, born and raised, there has always been a connection here to the Sun City. With the loss of his grandfather during medical school, Dr. Juan G. Becerra was inspired to receive his subspecialty in palliative care and help other families in a way that could have made a difference for his own. Having traveled  all over as a palliative care specialist, Dr. Becerra found it important to bring back all he had learned and start his practice, Medical Services of the Border, as a way to benefit his hometown.

While he offers primary care at his clinic, he is the only doctor specialized in palliative care with a clinic in the region. His focus is on improving the quality of life for his patients. “Palliative care focuses on improving the quality of life of patients by controlling symptoms that come with conditions such as cancer, heart failure, COPD and other chronic medical conditions,” says Dr. Becerra. “A lot of people think palliative is the same as hospice, which is wrong. Palliative is done simultaneously while under the care of other doctors.” His goal is to educate the community about palliative medicine and the benefits it can provide when someone is dealing with a chronic medical problem.


Medical Services of the Border
1810 Murchison, Ste. 250
El Paso, Texas 79902
(915) 249-4470


By: HOPE ALEGRE Photographed by: Luis MAriano