Yesenia always had a knack for food and hospitality. As a kid, she sold popsicles at her dad’s softball games and hotdogs in front of her mother’s plumbing business to passersby. By the time she was old enough to get a job, she quickly landed a position in the kitchen of a prominent burger joint. Later, when it came to pick a college major, the choice was clear: Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional Management. Although she’d already worked in the service industry to varying levels, Yesenia hoped that the degree would give her the tools to reach her ultimate end-goal of opening a bar and restaurant. 

Yesenia returned home to El Paso in 2018, intent on seeing her plan through. Soon enough, she found the perfect location on Mesa St. It was spacious, full of natural light, and featured breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains—scenic. Beyond the aesthetics, however, the bar and restaurant has a whole lot of other things going for it: “We really pride ourselves on the great service, we want you to feel at home … All the food is made to order, and the sauces are done here from scratch,” the owner explained. The bar also boasts daily drink specials, which can be enjoyed to the tune of live music. Guests can also expect a brunch menu in the near future at this up-and-coming establishment.



4130 N. Mesa Street

El Paso, Texas 79912

(915) 307-4630


Photographed by: JOHN HORTA

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