Dr. Ogechika Alozie



When I was growing up there was (I guess, still is) a New Edition song called “Boys to Men.” In it, the first verse goes “Growing up can be a pain. You’re not a man until you come of age.” Well guess what? I think I’ve come of age, and oh my gosh does it hurt!

Literally and figuratively.

For many men as they pass 30 and careen for the 50s and 60s, it’s that time when your metabolism throws in the towel, your hairline decides to go on a permanent vacation, and your knees creek louder than old vinyl records. But fear not, for this is not the beginning of the end. It’s merely the end of the beginning – or something like that.

To many men in this age group, it is a period often marked by expansive wisdom, expanding waistlines, and the occasional existential crisis. It’s time to navigate these golden years with a blend of satire and factual advice, ensuring you stay not just alive, but robustly, vigorously alive. Let’s embark on this journey through midlife with our heads held high and our guts sucked in.


Embracing the Mid-Life Crisis

The mid-life crisis is a well-documented phenomenon. Financial, marital, social, and sexual fears and insecurities rear their ugly heads. But rather than fear it, harness it. Take up a new hobby, learn a skill, or travel. These activities can provide a sense of accomplishment and joy. However, if your mid-life crisis inclines you toward a flashy sports car, just ensure it doesn’t derail your financial health.

The Delicate Balance of the Dad Bod

Ah, the dad bod—the physical manifestation of your life’s priorities. Contrary to popular belief, maintaining a dad bod requires a fine balance of dietary indulgence and sporadic exercise. It’s a cultural phenomenon, a symbol of comfort and… uh… well-earned laziness. We all know it: that extra padding around the midsection that whispers, “I’ve traded six-pack abs for a keg of beer.”

But listen up, fellas.

While a bit of a belly might be a sign of a life well-lived (and well-fed), it’s not an excuse to let yourself go entirely. Remember, we’re aiming for “distinguished,” not “disheveled.” But jokes aside, there are actual studies that show that carrying a little extra weight might actually be beneficial, offering some cushion against life’s literal and metaphorical falls. It may also add some testosterone effects to a waning libido. But don’t let that be an excuse to neglect exercise. Aim for a mix of cardio, strength training, and functional movements to keep those joints lubricated and muscles toned, just enough to lift the remote with ease.


Mastering the Art of the Self-Diagnosis

Who needs a doctor when you have WebMD and a sturdy sense of self-diagnosis? The trick to this is that every ache, pain, and mysterious lump can be effectively ignored until it either goes away, or becomes dire enough to warrant a trip to the ER. However, regular check-ups can catch issues before they become life-threatening. Routine screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar are crucial. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of avoiding the hospital; and the financial stressors caused by the average emergency room or hospital bill are capable of sending you right back to the hospital!


Navigating Fitness Fads

From goat yoga to underwater spin classes, the world of fitness is rife with bizarre trends. The key is finding something you enjoy that doesn’t make you look ridiculous. Consistency is more important than novelty. If you hate running, don’t force yourself into a marathon training plan. Instead, try activities like hiking, cycling, or swimming. These are joint-friendly and can be done at any fitness level. And yes, walking your dog counts. People always ask me about vitamins. The reality about supplements is this: there is no current evidence they add anything other than a monthly subscription to your plate. If you like them and can afford them, knock yourself out, but unless you have an actual medical condition, most vitamins and supplements are placebo.


The Zen of Grumbling (A.K.A. Mental Health)

I often find myself talking to myself. Sometimes in song and sometimes internal complaining. Forget mindfulness apps and serene yoga retreats – the real path to mental wellness lies in a good, hearty grumble. Venting your frustrations can be oddly therapeutic. However, chronic stress is no joke. It can lead to hypertension, heart disease, and other serious conditions. Try to balance your grumbling with genuine stress-reducing activities: meditation, hobbies, or even a simple walk can work wonders.

Remember, it’s not about bottling it up, but managing it healthily.

After all, mental health is health! We all have brains (even if they’re a bit foggy from time to time), and those brains need some TLC. So, go ahead and talk about your feelings. Seek help if you need it. Most importantly, try to stop bottling everything up. Remember, a burden shared is a burden halved. (Besides, therapy is a great excuse to skip out on chores.)

Grooming and Gray

As the saying goes, “Gray hair is a crown of glory.” Embrace it.


Let’s address the elephant in the room: hair loss. It’s a cruel twist of fate that the hair on our heads decides to abandon ship just as our eyebrows and nose hairs start growing with reckless abandon. But hey, who needs a full head of hair when you can rock a shiny dome or a distinguished beard?

Embrace the change, gentlemen. After all, bald is beautiful. (And it saves a fortune on shampoo.) Own it with a stylish shave or a dignified buzz cut.

Maintaining good hygiene and a grooming routine not only helps you look good but also feel good. Regular haircuts, skincare, and even an occasional manicure can boost your confidence. You’re never too old to look sharp. If all else fails, there are good hair replacement clinics both here and in Istanbul!


The Perils of Insomnia

Sleep is vital, but often elusive as we age. Insomnia can affect mood, cognitive function, and overall health. Establishing a regular sleep routine, avoiding caffeine and heavy meals before bed, and creating a restful environment can improve sleep quality. If you find yourself waking up at 3 a.m. contemplating the mysteries of the universe, try relaxation techniques or consult a sleep specialist. Oura or Ultrahuman Rings are the newest sleep tracking tool. Be warned however, the scores and push to improve your sleep can be both beneficial and strangely addictive (or anxiety inducing) depending on how you’re wired.


The Prostate: A Ticking Time Bomb (But Don’t Panic Yet)

The prostate. It’s the unsung hero of the male anatomy, quietly doing its job until it decides to go rogue. But don’t let the fear of prostate problems consume you. Get regular checkups, eat a healthy diet, and keep yourself active. Remember – early detection is key. So whether it’s prostate health, erectile dysfunction, colon health (and screening), blood pressure or diabetes, talk to your doctor about it. (Yes, even if it’s a bit awkward.)


The Nutritional Nuances of Bacon

Bacon is the epitome of culinary joy, but let’s get real for a moment. A diet high in saturated fats can increase your risk of heart disease. Moderation is key. Embrace a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains. The Mediterranean diet, which includes healthy fats like olive oil and nuts, is especially beneficial. You can still enjoy bacon, just maybe not every day.


Embrace the Chaos

Gentlemen, the midlife years can be a wild ride. There will be ups and downs, twists and turns, and the occasional existential crisis. But it’s also a time of immense growth, wisdom, and self-discovery. So, embrace the chaos, laugh at yourself, and remember that age is just a number (and a poorly kept secret.)

Now go forth, my fellow midlife warriors, and conquer this next chapter with humor, grace, and a healthy dose of self-deprecation. Remember, it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself.

(But seriously, start now. It’s not getting any easier.)



This article blends satire with factual advice. For real health concerns, consult a medical professional. Your health is your most valuable asset—treat it with the respect it deserves.